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Hear is a thread by a guy that did it for less than $600 recently:

After a few laughs the discussion turned to can you build (or assemble for all you assembly Nazis) a quality, AR ready to shoot, for $600.00 or less. ARs parts/kits plus receivers can be had close to $600.00, but tax, transfer fee, background check fee, shipping will put you over. Then a rear sight puts you well over.

So the bet was made and I accepted the challenge to build a completely functioning AR for >= $600.00.

This must include all tax, shipping, transfer fees, back ground checks, and so on. The AR cannot be built from used parts and or "once in a lifetime deal" or your neighbors out of work and sells you his AR for food money and so on. You cannot use gift certificates to lower price, but standard coupons can be used. The AR must be complete (have sights, hand guard and stock as example) and assembled with quality parts from known suppliers. AR must hold a 5 shot, offhand, minute of "death" group with standard 55 gr ammo. Poor quality or non functioning parts cannot be replaced with new, non purchased, parts. The rifle cannot FTE or FTF regularly.
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