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We Hoosiers are under the duress of overly detailed, just plain ridiculously worded regulations on everything. Our hunting and trapping guides look like a freak'n trigonometry book crossed with tax forms on the inside. And our deer aren't particularly large.

You can use the .357 .44 mag/special 44-40 45 colt .454 casul .480 41 AE 50AE 50-beo. and I believe they added the 458 socom. with a handful of other odd ones. We also have a grandiosely detail description of muzzle loader rifle and pistol specs

I'd vote for the 1894 marlin in either .44 mag or 45 colt. I was fairly disappointed with the safety on the rossie, and not very fond of the post '64 Winchesters in general. The marlin will be more expensive new or used.
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