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When I called the station and spoke with them I was told they have a "supervisor" in charge now. No one up there, including the supervisor, seemed to know what was going on in regards to who the new chief would be or when he/she would be there.

@dogtown tom:

Wow, when I called the ATF they said I had to get approval from the chief of police, also the local city officials here said that they were fine with it as long as I got the chief's approval. Luckily that $3,000 was money I was already planning on spending, I just wanted to wait until after I got the FFL just in case by some chance I don't get it.

Even though I don't need the chief's approval, I do still need to know who the chief is don't I? Under box #27 it asks for name of CLEO and CLEO's address.

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