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In my experience the rotating barrel design is slightly more accuate than the tilt barrel design by the way it helps control recoil forces. Since the barrel stays perfectly in line, muzzle rise tends to be reduced over a moving barrel. The pistol wants to push back rather than to flip up. Both can be very accurate, but side by side I like the rotating barrel designs. I've own various 1911 models & while they can be great shooters, you can get equal shooting pistols for 1/2 the price. As far as rotating barrels go, I've owned one Stoeger Cougar 8000 (9mm), Beretta Cougar 8045, 8040, 8045 mini Cougar, PX4 full size, & PX4 SC, & they all were 100% reliable with every brand and type of ammo I fed them (that's more than I can say about any out of the box 1911). The all metal Cougars had a better feel in my hands than the PX4's though.

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