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like I said if its a legal shooting it will never see court. if it is a Grand jury OR judge no bill it never sees court
Grand Jury no-bills Winfield sergeant in February shooting

this is fla;
In 50 of the cases, the person who used force was never charged with a crime. Another nine defendants were granted immunity by a judge and nine cases were dismissed.

Read more here:

Even if you don't get charged criminally, you may well be open to civil suits.
this is Texas law but a lot of states have similar laws:

CPRC ยง 83.001. CIVIL IMMUNITY. A defendant who uses force or deadly force that is justified under Chapter 9, Penal Code, is immune from civil liability for personal injury or death that results from the defendant's use of force or deadly force, as applicable.
The defender does not get to decide that the shoot was righteous.
I never said this but show us some cases where the case was tried on modifications of a firearm, where they made the person look bad because the added something to a gun

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