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Well wish me luck. Shot a buck around 4:30pm at about 40 yards with my Mossy 500. Watched him hunch that near side shoulder up and stumble-run about 15 yards before falling down. He stayed down for about 30 seconds or so and then stood up on his 3 other legs and slowly walked on in to some real thick stuff. Lots of holly trees and swamp reeds, couldn't see where he went other than "that-a-way". Before he stood up he did that whole body wiggle and kick.....I thought he was done but apparently I be wrong.

Just before dark (woods-dark at least) I went down to look for some blood with my little pocket L.E.D. light and couldn't find anything. Gonna get something to eat and grab the big lights and head back out. Fingers crossed, if he went too far he might very well have gone off our property. Looked and felt like a good shot, but the way things go sometimes I dunno......
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