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Hadn't taken it out for a while, been shooting new stuff I've been getting while the getting is good. I had adjusted the trigger lighter, didn't feel much different. But I forgot to sand more clearance on stock while I had it off. Today was spectacularly nice, a bit chilly in the morning, but just a light breeze directly from behind. Started with Freedom Blaster 150gr reloads. All were shooting right and a bit high. Was going to adjust scope, but decided to shoot one Federal Match 168gr. It was high and slightly left of center. Shot 2 more Feds, both high and a little right, right on each other. Did not adjust scope. Pic:

Let it cool a bit, then a couple of shooting buddies wanted to give it a try. Each shot 3 Freedom 168gr A-Max reloads. They made a string along the bottom of the X, ~ inch low. I fired a couple more 150gr reloads, right high again, then let it cool while we shot my new GP100 I did a trigger job on (excellent) and new SD9 (jammomatic).

Went back to shoot it again before putting it away and I knocked it over on it's side! Wow, did I feel dumb. I did manage to sort of slow the fall, but scope did hit the metal table with a clunk. Looked thru it to see if I'd busted the scope, seemed ok. I was sure the adjustment must have been thrown off. Put one round of the Fed downrange, slightly high, slightly left. No harm from my ham handedness. Shot another, slightly high, dead center. Took a 3rd shot and couldn't see the hole, on the target or the virgin backer. Thought I'd whiffed. Buddy with a spotting scope thought he could see the 2nd shot hole oblong a bit. We walked down there and sure looked like I put 2 in one hole, pic:

Checked hardware after getting home. Nothing loose, I think it's good to go. I continue to be impressed with the American, lot of value here.
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