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The argument should be that a person who practices a lot and is helped by the lighter trigger pull does so in the hope that if a dangerous situation developes, the improved accuracy 'may' give him him a chance at a non-lethal shot.
Not that it will go down that way, but who knows, maybe he'll get a chance to shoot the weapon out of the BG's hand. Just saying.
Mod may rightly fully censor me for going off OP topic but.........

You do not trick shoot ever. Center of mass, period.

And in further discussion, the difference between a DA revolver with a light pull in SA and a striker is zero. The DA has the safe 10-12 lb pull and you can SELECT a lower pull by cocking it. A striker has not such select feature.

A striker is already nebulous for safe pull and to lighten it up further takes an iffy situation and makes it worse (and I except the MPs with the safety, that is like having a 1911).

Only glock PR has made it acceptable.
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