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The Beretta. Style to spare, a feeding mechanism that takes all comers when it comes to JHP shape and makes failures to eject very unlikely, an excellent SA trigger (and a decent DA trigger with a D spring), and a good heft that absorbs recoil. Fit and finish is also superb.

The CZ is also an excellent gun. Ergonomic with great accuracy, but my hands are a touch too big for it, I have a bit of trouble grabbing the small slide, and the trigger takes a while to get decent.

I think the CZ-75 will have a slight popularity edge on here, but I fully intend to own examples of both, particularly the jaw-dropping stainless variant of the 75B.

Edit: I forgot to add that with the third generation locking block design, and the recoil buffer in the A1 variants, the gun lasts tens of thousands of rounds longer now than it used to.
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