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Endshake on a Dan Wesson .357Mag

At the last gunshow I attended, I ran across a fellow selling an older used Dan Wesson revolver in .357Mag. While doing a quick checkout, I noticed that there seemed to be a good deal of endshake although the gun didn't appear to have been shot much at all.

What was odd, was that the endshake felt like it was "springy". I could push the cylinder back a significant amount (enough that when looking through the barrel/cylinder gap at a bright light there was an obvious and unmistakable increase in the gap) but it was as if I were pushing against a spring-loaded component and it required effort to get it to move backwards. It would immediately spring foward when I let go of it.

I didn't buy the gun, but I'm not familiar with internal mechanism of the older DW revolvers, and have been wondering since the show if this is somehow normal behavior for them?
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