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On that note, there's only case I know of where an armed citizen was killed by a bad guy who wasn't stopped due to body armor. And the bad guy was hit in the vest with a 45 acp.
If it's the same one I'm thinking of, (Wilson/Arroyo), reports at the time were that Wilson hit the bad guy (Arroyo) more than once. Arroyo was not disabled at all and killed Wilson while he was reloading. He was later killed by a police officer who was using a rifle.
I believe it was Richard Davis of Second Chance who used to shoot himself in the chest point blank with a 44 mag, then turn around and shoot bowling pins.
While these videos are excellent proof that the impact of a bullet won't knock a person down, they aren't good evidence of the kind of injury produced by shooting a person who is wearing a bullet proof vest. Davis generally put some sort of additional padding under his vest when doing these demonstrations to avoid getting black & blue.
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