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Bad day at the range....

Took the 1860 Pietta out to the range this morning to have a little fun....wrong

1st cylinder: shot just fine and no problems.

2nd cylinder: First four shots were fine, then on the fifth shot, I got my first chain-fire....despite a liberal application or crisco all over the mouths of each chamber. I think I was a little more shaken than the gun. Broke the gun down and confirmed it was a chain-fire from the distinct percussion cap spot on the recoil shield where it had blown off. Had a good muzzleloading rangemaster on the other side so I took the gun to him and had him give me the ok to keep shooting it.

3rd cylinder: 4 misfires despite having checked each nipple before loading the first cylinder. Each Ampco looked great, but they took a second strike to ignite. THEN, one of the RWS caps had sealed itself to the nipple and required me to remove the nipple and cut the cap off the nipple.

At that point, I gave up for the day and decided to go home....

And got a ticket. Had to explain that my license was in my work clothes, hadn't grabbed the new insurance card, and oh, yeah officer, there's a muzzleloader on the back seat of the car
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