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Revolver bullet seating depth?

I am quite new to the sport of shooting and I have a question about revolver hand loads.
I read in the latest issue of 'Shooting Times' that the “bulletseating depth respective to bore leade can be a significant factor in accuracy”. The article was in reference to rifle rounds, and the resulting difference in group size was remarkable. My question is in the amount of difference one would experience in different seating depths for handgun rounds in a revolver.
Given the fact that a revolver round has to jump from the cylinder to the forcing cone to the barrel should you expect any significant change in group size, all other factors being the same?
I am aware that the same gun will shoot different loads with different degrees of accuracy and that two identical models will shoot the same load differently. I am curious to know if seating an identical bullet higher or lower in the case will change accuracy to any measurable degree in a revolver.
I look forward to your feedback.
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