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Trust ??

All the muzzleloader manufacturers seem to recommend 120 gr powder as max.
Not all but at first, most did. In order to stay competative most are now rated for a max of 150. I do know that putting 150, into an old SideLock, can be dangerous. ....

Now, I see you from the Midwest and being from Iowa, I have never had the need to load beyond 100. In fact, my optimum hunting load it 95grs. I know many Midwest hunters that are routinely shooting 85grns. However, it's entirely your call. ....

The down side to pellets "the rookie stuff" is they go bad within a year, you pay up the rear end for only 25 to 50 shots depending if you use 2 or 3 pellets
So true and typical for most if not all pellets. As I said, they are not very predictable and your trust goes out the window along with the $$$. ..
All to often, I hear complaints about pellets but they keep buying them. ..

Be Safe !!!
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