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I have a DPMS rifle that I accurized. it is a pre-Cerberus model meaning it was manufactured prior to remington purchasing the company so I can not vouch for current stock. however it is easily an MOA rifle with the cheapest of the cheap ammo, SUB MOA with the best of the best. I have never had a part break or a single failure that was not ammunition induced(IE double charged rounds sticking in the chamber). for a baseline rifle that costs less than $600 this is a great gun. I do not shoot more than 1,000 rounds a month, in fact I don't even shoot that in a year anymore and since there is no corrosive 5.56/223 ammo, a chrome or melonite lined barrel is not necessary for my uses. I also hate the look of rails but I also hate the way that a "cookie cutter" AR feels in hand so I opted for a free floated tube hand guard from badger ordnance and upgraded the trigger to a rock river arms 2 stage. it will be very hard to get me to part with this rifle. I wholeheartedly recommend them to new users that are just getting acquainted with the AR platform and when you have determined your likes and dislikes you can either trade up for a higher end model or you can do the cheaper option and just swap out the parts that you do not like and keep the ones that you do. you'll save hundreds in the long run.

two other options in the same price range would be the palmetto state armory PSA15 or smith and wesson MP15 although I kindof have a bug up my rear about S&W ARs and their fan base but they do have a cult following there may be something to it, there may not.
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