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Time to boycott Autozone?
No need in my case. The one in my area is staffed by either gearheads or idiots, both of which treat the customer like crap if they ask any questions whatsoever.

So I go to Advanced Auto instead, much nicer people and better treatment towards the less mechanically inclined

Corporate policy is corporate policy, though, and they have the right to make their own rules for employees. Stupid? IMO, yes, it is.

I work in a no guns building, government (technically), not private. I have no doubt that were I to go out to my car and come back in with my weapon, even to defend my coworkers or the public, I would be both fired and charged.

I make no secret of my "plan" in the eventuality of a robbery or violent encounter - I'm going out the window, you're all on your own
"The best diplomat I know is a fully charged phaser bank" - Montgomery Scott
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