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wayne - just curious . . . did you ever determine why it was eating fire pins? I love mine and have no complaints whatsoever - have probably put 500 - 600 rounds through it so far.

As for the Rugers - yes, they certainly are good and rugged handguns. I have a vintage 3 screw Super Bearcat and I paid $300 for it - it's in pristine condition along with box and papers. It's a great revolver but I like to shoot and so I wanted to try the RR for two reasons - price and if it got dinged up, so what?
I was very pleasantly surprised by it and enjoy it a lot.

I like the little larger size of the RR over the Bearcat as for me, it's easier to load and eject and I've been shooting SA for years. I am still keeping my eyes out for a good used Ruger Single Six though . . . if a person keeps looking, he'll run across 'em. A lot of times, I've seen them for $300 to $350 used and usually "vintage". I think the fellow that got the stainless for $400 did well. And yes, the Ruger will maintain their value more than the RR . . . but again for a knock around pistol that's a lot of fun to shoot and not a burden on folks on a budget, the RR fits the bill.
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