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When I picked up my LCR, I was aware of some folks complaining about short stroking the trigger. I've primarily shot SA over the years - mainly BP revolvers - but have also had experience with semi-autos and DA/SA revolvers.

I purchased the LCR for carry because I was not happy with the Bersa Thunder CC 380 I'd picked up used - it had been fooled with and while it was a great gun in my opinion, I didn't like the light trigger pull when it went to SA. For SD, I wanted something stiffer. I actually prefer a revolver as well. I'd looked at S & Ws - boyguard revolver and semi auto as well as several other brands and I felt that most of them had a long trigger pull as well.

I'm not trying to start up a controversy at all - everybody has their likes and dislikes. I'm just wondering if those that have problems with the long trigger pulls like the LCR and others have the problem because they are so used to shooting other revolvers with different pulls? I've got a S & W M & P Target 38 spl, a Colt Army Special and a Colt Python. I'm working on shooting them in DA but still prefer SA when shooting them and let's face it - the trigger pulls on those are miles away from the LCR. The thing that I like about my LCR is that I find that it has a smooth trigger pull (at least mine does) but yes, it's stiffer and longer - I view it as a SD piece and with that in mind, if it has to be fired, it's because you mean to, not because your finger twitched.

As I stated earlier, I have not dry fired mine - I became acquainted with it by firing it - but I am not knocking dry firing in any way. I've had handguns that I thought I wanted only to find out after getting them, there were things that I didn't like and out the door they went. I love my LCR and have six other Ruger handguns that I love . . . but if there is a doubt in a person's mind about reliability . . . then maybe they should look at other makes/models - peace of mind is everything. And, let's face it - any make/model can have a problem as already stated. I'd say the same thing about a Smith or a Python as well.

I'm just wondering if those that have issues/trouble with the longer/stiffer trigger pull on a pistol such as the LCR - do you have the same with the LCP, Smith Bodyguard models, etc.?

I do hope that the OP gets his problem taken care of - it's no fun when issues like that occur.
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