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Wyoming law (W.S. 11-31-301) spells out that any dog at large is a public nuisance. Thew owner can be fined and the dog can be shot.
In our state trappers have the right and ability to dispatch animals in their traps, domestic or wild.
Wyoredman and grubbylabs, while I don't make the laws in Wisconsin concerning dogs, it's still hard for me to justify killing a dog just because it's owner is negligent. Over the many years I trapped, I never caught a domestic dog. Maybe it's because I made sets in places and ways that made it hard for dogs to get trapped, or maybe I was just lucky. Those folks that I know that did catch dogs, usually didn't catch much else.......catch my drift? These were the same type of folks that didn't check their trap-line religiously. In Wisconsin a warden can dispose of a dog chasing wildlife too, but a civilian cannot. They can to protect domestic animals or when a human may be endangered, but because of folks in the past killing dogs just for being in the woods by themselves, the rules have been tightened. As Bob Hunter and I have both said, releasing a dog from a trap without getting bit is not that hard. A dog in a trap is not a threat to wildlife or the trapper. Shooting someone's pet only because they were not responsible pet owners is kinda a dirtball thing to do. But then the world is full of dirtballs and irresponsible trappers. At least in the OPs case the trapper was not a total loser.
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