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How about all these "random" people that work in gun stores? Where I am every employee of any local gun store is probably carrying a gun whether you see it or not. These people are employees of the store. They did not have to pass any kind of competency test with a firearm or go to a school. Where I am you can carry concealed with no permit. And as far as I am concerned the more people that do, the better.

Many times even on forums we think because we post here it's ok for us to have one but not ok for the "average" citizen, they don't have the knowledge or training that we do. Sounds kind of like the Bloombergs of our time, it's ok for them but not ok for us. We don't take that too well when we're deemed not responsible enough to have a gun. Why would we treat other legal citizens the same way?

I think it was Dave Spaulding who wrote an article for Shooting Wire a couple months ago that addressed this. Basically he said that for all the tactical, fancy training many of us put ourselves through, the vast majority of the time the lady with the 38 snub bought new and stuffed in a drawer for the past 10 years somehow manages to defend herself just fine.
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