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There's also a context to my statements. Context is important.

Boy Scouts and deer hunters are neither soldiers nor SWAT officers.

I never said the word was "confined" to anything.

Being able to adapt one's word usage to fit the audience is an important part of effective communication. Soldiers use the word "weapon" in the appropriate context. Firearms instructors, teaching survival or defensive tactics use the word weapon in appropriate context.

Teaching Boy Scouts and soccer mom's is NOT the appropriate context. Talking to "regular" people in "average" conversation is not the appropriate context.

Is the word technically correct? Yes, it is. Is it the appropriate word for effective communication at those moments? No, it is not.

Firearms are weapons.

We don't have to "find" a different word. Ordinary people don't use that word in ordinary conversation.

It's not PC. It just doesn't fit the ordinary conversation.

You'll see from my very first post in this thread that I said we don't stop using the word "weapon". It's the context that matters.
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