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I started reloading as a kid because my Dad wouldn't buy factory ammo for me to just blast away. Now I still reload because I want good ammo cheap. I cast or swage bullets for almost every caliber that I reload , and I load for 17 calibers.

I buy primers & powder in bulk and try to buy as a co-op with local reloaders to minimize the Haz-Maz and shipping charges.

I cannot buy ammo anywhere for less than my reloads cost. The exception to this rule is maybe the 22 caliber family of cartridges as I don't cast or swage them yet. But I do shop very careful for cheap bullets.

Here is a few examples.

9mm $20.86 per 500 rds

45/70 $40.29 per 500 rds

7.62x54R $ 78.50 per 500 and I don't suffer from sticky bolt syndrome

44Mag $41.15 per 500 rds

I figure that after my initial investment for tools I broke even somewhere around 1967.

If I purchase a new set of dies they are usually paid for after loading 2-5 boxes depending on caliber and die costs.

If you reload and can't save money then you are doing it wrong!
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