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Originally Posted by Brian Pfleuger
I'm imagining teaching a group of Boy Scouts to shoot. Teaching the four rules, etc.
The four rules, is a bad example given this post I made on page five. Jeff Cooper uses the term weapon all through his writings in direct reference to firearms. I hardly think he qualifies as a mall ninja.

Also this site is owned and hosted by SWAT Magazine (Special Weapons and Tactics), the term weapon and weapons are used throughout the articles in that publication. Rob Pincus for example, doesn't fit the description of a mall ninja either.

As others have stated many, many times in this thread alone, members of the military are specifically trained to call their issued rifles weapons. Many of the members of TFL are current active duty and ex-military, many are active LEOs, ex-LEOs, firearms instructors and combat shooters, that use the term weapon for firearms all the time. To suggest that doing so is a habit confined largely to 'mall ninjas' is at best incorrect and at worst mildly insulting.

Imagine if the people I referenced above referred to hunters and target shooters who'd never served in the military, never been police, or engaged in combat type shooting as, fudds who've never fired a weapon except on a skeet range, or at a squirrel, for using the term 'shooting iron', or 'muh gun', etc. They'd be quickly warned not to insult other members and rightly so.

Calling firearms weapons is not a technicality, or semantics, weapons are what they are. As already demonstrated earlier in this thread, arms are synonymous* with weapons. Whether certain individuals, like or use the word, has nothing to do with it. When one calls a pistol, rifle or shot gun a firearm, they are calling it a weapon. Remember also that firearms and ammunition are weapons.

* synonymous

1. : having the character of a synonym; also : alike in meaning or significance
2. : having the same connotations, implications, or reference
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."- Thomas Jefferson
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