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Again, I use versatile full length sizer dies, what is the difference between my versatile full length sizer dies and full length sizer dies purchases and use by all other reloaders? No, it is not threads, both my versatile and dies used by others have threads. I believe it is about how the die is used, I use the compassion tool to the press, the feeler gage, I use the feeler gage to adjust the die off the shell holder, I size cases in length from the head of the case to the shoulder and by doing so I control the length of the case from the head of the case to its shoulder, I can progressively increase the length of the case from minimum length/full length to infinity or a more practical field reject length, as with my M1917 Eddystone with the .016” added between the bolt face to the shoulder of the chamber, progressively increase in thousandths as in .000.

And, I use the feeler gage to verify the adjustment.

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