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I don't have a treadmill so.....

Discovered something interesting while spinning cases last night.
I've been using Mother's Mag & Aluminum polish. Works ok but blackens a cleaning patch quickly and I can get about 5 cases per patch. Also uses a fair amount of polish paste.

Just for fun I tried some Remington Bore Cleaner (yellow bottle, comes out brown like polish) which I've used for years to scrub lead out of the barrel of my 1911 after shooting SWCs. It cleaned cases MUCH faster! And the same wet area on the patch can be used for multiple cases. Takes very little cleaner and the cases shine up quicker.

Now I wonder if I might have enlarged the bore on my 1911?? It's had a few strokes of this most every cleaning for 20 years. I'll have to test the cleaner on steel to verify.
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