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jasmith85 said - "Just to play devil advocate a little, I did not watch the video but the article said that he had robbed around 30 other businesses. It did not mention him ever even drawing the gun. It just said he would show the gun then take the money and leave. This employee running out and grabbing his gun greatly increased the risk of the criminal actually shooting someone. Had a shoot out started, it would have been because of his actions and people on the street could have been injured or worse. Thats why stores have policies to just give the criminal what they want."

This is the anti gun mentality, what their entire anti carry stance is based on. Just give the criminal what he wants and no one will get hurt. Well, most of the time. Sometimes he'll just kill you anyway. But he MIGHT not! Best to leave the criminal in control of the situation, everyone is safer that way. Cower in the corner and let the bad guy decide whether or not he feels like killing you that day. If you try to fight for your life you will only make it worse.

Autozone has now published their willingness to get robbed. Don't worry criminals, come on down the Autozone! We'll not only give you whatever you want, we'll also help you carry it to the car! Don't worry, if anyone resists we'll fire them! We want to make you, the robber, safe. We'll do what we can to make your criminal experience an easy, satisfying one. Rob us? Sure, go ahead! Rape us? Why not? Kill us? Feel free, we won't put up a fight! We, at Autozone are there for you, the criminal psychopath. So, come on down to Autozone and rob us today!

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