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I have a small collection of vintage Denver-made Redfield scopes. I prefer the ones with the "tombstone" ranging retical. In good shape, they are still excellent scopes, although light-gathering technology has moved on. Still, for $100 for a used Redfield, they still compare favorably with scopes costing several times more.
I don't have any with the "tombstone" ranging recticle mine has the fine crosshair.
I've never seen one with the "tombstone" ranging recticle.
I assume this is the Accu-Range recticle, the description I have for using it sounds very interesting.

One of the main features I like about mine and some of my other older scopes is the capability to lock the eyepiece with the locking ring once the scope is focused.
I hate the fast focus eye piece feature that seems to be on most scopes made now.

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