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My New M1A

I pickup up a new M1A Loaded earlier this week and took it to the range yesterday.
Wow! This rifle is awesome but you guys probably already know that.
I did my best to zero it in at 100 yards with my bad eyes and it didn't need much tweaking at all.
I'm planning on most likely ordering a Bassett scope mount so I can still use the irons and the search has all ready started for an "affordable" scope.
As far as I know in my area I don't have any place to shoot out to 1000 yards so I'm not really concerned with that at the moment, probably 300 at the most.
I'm really a pistol guy so I'm doing a lot of reading right now as I don't know much about optics.
I'll be taking it into the woods with me tomorrow for a little whitetail hunting but in my area it's all close range.
It's all fun either way.

Thanks for all the great info I've pickup up all ready.
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