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Originally Posted by SPEMack618
As previously stated, the word weapon is specifically prohibited on BSA ranges per NCS/NRA requirements. Woe be unto the poor instructor who calls a rifle a weapon in front of some of the mothers from some Atlanta troops. Bad day all around for everybody. The kid, the instuctor, the BSA, and the shooting community as a whole.
This brings up the point I made earlier. I simply can't imagine why you'd be using that word in the context of a typical conversation anyway.

I'm imagining teaching a group of Boy Scouts to shoot. Teaching the four rules, etc.

Where would the word "weapon" come into this?

I don't think I've ever met a person who refers to firearms as "weapons" in ordinary conversation. Not that they AREN'T weapons, it's just not a word we use.

No one says "Keep your weapon pointed down range.", "Put down your weapons." The word would be "muzzle" and "guns". I wouldn't say "Unload your weapons." It would be "guns".

If I'm in hunting camp and a guy walks in, don't say "Put your weapon in the rack, there.", I say "Set your gun down over there."

While in a technical sense, I believe that all guns are always weapons, I also feel that it's a word that simply isn't used in typical conversation. It fits right in with the Mall-Ninja feel of "Platform" and "Operator".

"Alright Operators! Pick up your weapons! We're going to discuss the tactical attachments available for this particular platform!" says the Mall-Ninja.
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