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There's been some debate on this subject on this forum as to what case sizing method gives the best accuracy, and I just decided that I'd run some tests of my own and see what happened. The little shooting that I've done so far really can't be considered part of the test since I was just looking for a good load with that bullet. And, as it stands, I really don't have a good enough load yet. I'll switch from Varget to the powder that shot so well behind my 65 grain Sierras (AA2230) and see how that goes. If I'm going to do this, I want an accurate load as a base for the test. I'm really interested in seeing how this comes out. I'm not sure how long this will take, but I'm not going to rush this. I'm retired and have plenty of time and my own 100 yard range.

And when the results are in, I'm not sure that it will prove much, since it's just one gun being shot by one guy using the reloading techniques of that one guy. And, the results might not even be conclusive. But, I want to know. And I"ll eventually take the testing results and try to apply them to another rifle (my most finicky rifle) and see if its accuracy improves.
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