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The thing that still baffles me is where he said not to have a loaded gun in the house if you have kids. Two issues I have with that
What good is an unloaded gun going to do to protect the kids in your house?
Is a loaded gun going to do anything to the child on it's own accord?

I guess I just get frustrated with people's mindset that the only way to protect children when it comes to guns is to not have them. What ever happened to teaching kids how to properly respond to a gun? I can tell you that I am 100% confident in my 10 year old sons actions if he finds a gun. My two year old is another story, and that is why we keep it away from her reach....

Is this councilman signaling the return of common sense to CA?

Nah... Too good to be true, but one can still hope. Just too bad that it took the mismanagement and ineptitude of government to bring back some logical thinking of a very select few within the government.
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