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Originally Posted by MLeake View Post
jmortimer, a gun you have stashed somewhere in the house is a gun waiting to be found by a burglar.

The more guns you have within reach, the more guns you have left to be found by burglars, your kids, your kids' friends...

OTOH, the gun that is on your person is not available to any of the above.

I find people who keep guns stashed throughout the house very hard to fathom; to me, that seems idiotic.

My carry gun is on me; others are locked in a 7 and 8 gauge Sturdy safe, with heavy duty fireproofing, stainless plate to defeat torches, and ball bearing plate to defeat drill bits.

A skilled burglar, with good tools, will break into that safe in a matter of several minutes.

A casual burglar or hophead is not getting into that safe. At over 1,000 pounds, that safe is unlikely to be easily moved, either.

But the gun or guns that are within my reach are also under my total control, apparently unlike yours.

I don't understand the logic in people who knock on people like you and I Leake or Kathy J. it just doesn't make sense to me. Ok if you don't do it. I won't knock on you. I'll give my $0.02 ($0.01 after Obama Care) in a respectful way if you ask. To me it's an article of clothing. All the way until I go to bed at night. Like Leake said, no need to leave it out for others to find. Anyone, whether family or not. It doesn't bother me it's not a hassle, I feel safer with it. And no. To the person earlier who said "move if you feel unsafe" that's the more idiotic comments on this thread too. 1 to assume I'm unsafe..I'm the one carrying 24/7 you should be the one feeling unsafe. And 2. If people in my city moved every time they felt unsafe, we'd be playing musical chairs with our homes in a never ending cycle.

Laughed again at the thought of some logic people think they have to lash out negatively on someone that means nothing to them. Lol. Does it really matter that much to you to want to change what I do?

Here let me leave my gun on my bed before I use the bathroom.

Everyone has a story and a reason why they're the way they are. If you've had a perfect life where your door was never kicked in and you weren't in LE and you never had a gun jammed into your ribs. That's wonderful for you. I'm happy.

Just coincidentally..a lot of us are also gun enthusiasts and refuse to be sheep.

thank you

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