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Now,hold on a minute!

Lyman used to make a tru-line Junior press,their dies were black.They are the same size as the dies for the Lyman tong tool.

So,you may have True-line dies,or tong tool dies.And,no,they are not Redding,Forster,or RCBS,but,with tong tool handles,they may be useful.Think loading in the field,or in a small apt.They are a step up from LeeLoader,and similar to the standard tools of buffalo hunters and target shooters turn of the century.

One other possibility,IIRC,the Dillon Square "D"(handgun only) progressive press uses smaller than 7/8 -14 dies.

As far as swaging dies,RCBS stands for Rock Chucker Bullet Swage,and that threaded bushing in the top of the RCBS Rockchucker press?its the same as the bushing in the massive Lyman grey press of old.Those bushings,when removed,allow the press to accept swage dies,which are larger than 7/8 14.

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