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jmortimer, a gun you have stashed somewhere in the house is a gun waiting to be found by a burglar.

The more guns you have within reach, the more guns you have left to be found by burglars, your kids, your kids' friends...

OTOH, the gun that is on your person is not available to any of the above.

I find people who keep guns stashed throughout the house very hard to fathom; to me, that seems idiotic.

My carry gun is on me; others are locked in a 7 and 8 gauge Sturdy safe, with heavy duty fireproofing, stainless plate to defeat torches, and ball bearing plate to defeat drill bits.

A skilled burglar, with good tools, will break into that safe in a matter of several minutes.

A casual burglar or hophead is not getting into that safe. At over 1,000 pounds, that safe is unlikely to be easily moved, either.

But the gun or guns that are within my reach are also under my total control, apparently unlike yours.
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