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FFL Problems

I need some advice on what to do here:

I've been wanting to get my FFL & start a home based business. I met with the local city officials and the HOA and was immediately given the green light by both. I also met with the chief of police, however he wanted me to do a few things to enhance the security of my home since there could be guns in there if I don't choose to store them somewhere else (undecided on that).
I've complied with everything he asked, & have spent about $3,000 doing so. When I called the police station to set up a time to stop buy & have him sign the paperwork I was informed that he was no long with the department (I don't know why) & that they don't currently have a chief of police. The people up there also don't know when they will be getting a new chief of police.

I've already emailed the ATF & have gotten no reply. Does anyone know if there is any way around this, maybe having the next highest ranking guy sign? Or am I basically stuck until we get a new chief of police & hope that he doesn't have more hoops for me to jump through?
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