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Many people on various websites repeat anything they hear and confuse the strong, large-ring FR8 with the weaker, small-ring FR7.

The FR8 has the action of the 8mm Mauser.
The weak FR7 has the smaller action of the very old 7mm Mauser.
Many 7mm Mausers were converted to 7.62 NATO.

People assume that the Spanish 7.62 NATO ammo was designed for the FR8.
No, this milder Spanish ammo was designed for the weaker 7mm Mausers converted to NATO 7.62, only some of which were cut down to be the FR7.

A fairly murky area is old military cup, copper units of pressure. This is Not the same as the newer "psi".

An old 'cup' of about 52,000 might be roughly equivalent to a Saami psi of about 60,000-62,000 psi, or something similar, unless I'm mistaken.
For the present-day FR8 owners, can anyone post documented data comparing NATO 7.62 'cup' with modern commercial .308 (in Saami psi)?

The few FR8 bores I've looked at with bore lights are very bright and shiny (even with really 'dinged' wood), having excellent rifling, because they weren't used much by the Guardia Nacional, and their ammo was Not corrosive. I bought two of these rifles, both of which have matching bolts to help ensure extra safety.
The commercial .308 field gauges have excellent results, and seem to be valid in these military chambers.

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