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When I was a total rookie shooter (12-14 months ago), my local pawn shop had, at various points in time:
A K98 Mauser for $225
Some sort of used Colt 1911 for $375
Colt 1917 for $600
Yugo SKS for $200
Norinco SKS for $175
A Gatling in 22lr for 2 or 3 grand (Not sure if that's a fair price, but man that thing looked downright vicious)
Zastava AK for $500
Used Remington 700 in .308 with a Leupold 3-9 for $500

Too bad anything larger than a .22lr intimidated me back then

Since then, though, I've spent more money there than I'd like to admit. And don't ask where it is! That's my own private honeypot
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