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You have not specified what kind of guns you are using, or, definded "loaded" enough for me to tell you what you are doing is a little insane and dangerous.

If you mean the pump or auto shotgun is loaded, with a round in the chamber, safety off, its a bad idea. If its a double barrel, but left broken open, its not so bad.

If its a DA Auto, like a Smith 659 and the safety is off, its not so bad, if its a 1911, its not very smart.

Seriously, why buy handguns that require safeties if you don't like them? Glock, Sig DAK, HK LEM, revolvers are all point and click guns that don't require a safety.

I carried a 1911 as a duty gun for many years, shot IPSC. I was very fast with a 1911. The safety on a 1911 is very natural and literally, became part of the trigger stroke. Thumb high on the safety, finger straight. Time to shoot, one move, thumb goes down, finger goes on trigger. Then we were issued Glocks, I stopped carrying 1911's off duty. I don't want to remember two different actions under stress. So I stick with the before mentioned action types for off duty. No decockers, no safeties.

If were issued tradional DA auto's like a P226 with a decocker, I would carry the same thing off duty. The specifics of the action type are trivial in my opinion, I've seen very good shooters with all types of triggers and, I would carry any one of them. But, prefer one type at a time.

To this day (12 years since I carried a 1911) I will still occassionally find my thumb feeling around for the thumb safety on my Glock when I am shooting really fast. Its just about gone now, but, that was REALLY ingrained in me.
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