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About twenty five years back, a buddy and I were hunting rabbits with handguns. We would shoot 357's, 44's or 45acp's, normally matching up the same caliber for the day. We both reloaded our own ammo, shooting light loads as opposed to magnums, in the revolvers. For some reason that day my friend decided to shoot full house magnum 125's. Normally it wouldn't have been that big a problem because we didn't shoot next to each other. But that day we were walking and talking down a wide trail and my buddy saw a rabbit kick up in front of us. He said "RABBIT", stop and raised his 586 and fired. Meanwhile I didn't realize what had expired and had taken another step forward, putting my unprotected left ear just 2-3' beside the business end of his gun. It felt like someone hit me with a cricket bat, I actually stumbled sideways a couple of feet. He felt bad about it and I don't harbor any hard feelings toward him. But every day since that day I have been plagued with a incessant ringing in that ear, and a very significant loss of hearing.
IMO, 357's are one of the loudest handguns I shoot, along with the 7.62X25.
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