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I used to lube inside with a Q- tip using RCBS case lube. I experienced stuck bullets from an old batch, however by old I mean 3-4 years on the shelf.
I thought I had mistaken and over charged, but when I tried to pull the bullets on the rest I pulled a bullet in two with vice grips and press. I had to run the whole lot 40 or so thru the seating die and crack them loose. Every one was stuck!
When I shot the first one I was resting on the box of my pickup and I didn't,t do that very often, hood yes. Anyway a co-worker told of resting on the box and didn't,t realize his muzzle wasn't clearing the other side and shot a hole in it, but he said the blast was over the top!
Well my blast was over the top also, but I didn't hit the box, I had to pound the bolt open and I had a blown primer and full case head separation.
I do not use a lube pad with that stick goo anymore. I still lube the inside with lee case lube.
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