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Home is where your stuff is ?

Say if a average homeowner is in a self-defense scenario inside the boundaries of the outer threshold barriers of his Own Home and the bad guy is shot dead justifibly . Does the home owner defending himself just have to hand over his expensive gun to the police because they have the power. Or can the homeowner ask the policeman to get a warrant because he feels the cop might lie then take his gun and report it as lost or stolen in police custody. Would you give your gun to a cop without taking a photograph of him and his badge number and officers name holding your gun with its serial number showing ? Or could you just ask him for a search warrant in the first place cause its your gun ? And you don't want risking your gun being lost. Anyhow I heard of some cops that have confiscated stashes of over 100's of peoples guns and don't ever give them back to the real owner. And that sounds like theft to me. Just hearing that makes my stomach turn. Anyone here with any decent advice on this rarely asked question ? Last thing if you know he's taking your gun and before he gets it you ask him when will I get my gun back and if the cop says I don't know? then I think citizens should say you need a search warrant if you don't know when your giving me my gun back . Thanks.

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