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Take a pelvis shot. Very disabling and very fatal due to the large blood vessels and bones. Bigger target, doesn't bob and weave around like someone's head when they are moving. Also the downward angle of your shot is less likely to cause collateral damage if you miss.
This comes up repeatedly. Most people haven't a clue as to where to attempt to shoot the pelvis for the pistol shot to be disabling. Even if they did know, most haven't a clue as to how to location such internal locations based on the landmarks provided by external clothing.

Hitting the 'pelvis' alone isn't sufficient, especially when the largest part of the pelvis, the ilia or iliac blades are not actually skeletally load-bearing and slower moving handgun rounds may chip, break off an edge, or punch a hole through them without actually causing a locomotor structural failure.

Check out the guy here, for example.

With multiple shots to the pelvic region, the only one that did actual serious bone damage was .223 and it only shattered part of the iliac blade without disrupting the joint or collapsing the girdle.

The pelvic region is a primary alternative target area for a person in body armor, but don't count on hits to the pelvis are to be disabling or fatal.
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