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Rebs. All info aside-Google Dan Newbarrys long range load devolpment and put it to use. You will not be dissapointed. Also do your testing at 200 yards or more.
I have seen to many people talk 3/4 groups at 100 yards. This means nothing,any good laod will shoot that. I have seen loads do that size group and then they go to 300 yards and the groups open up to 3 or 4 inches. Change only one aspect of your load at a time. 20 shot groups are IMHO a waste of ammo. Find a good 5 shot group first and then see if it repeats itself over and over. As others have posted one good day at the range does not mean next one will be. And Again--Read Dan Newberrys load page and follow it.

Also-What range are we talking about shooting?.300 or less?400 to 600? Over 600?.
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