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i have an mim trigger assembly in my saiga 308 that had to be modified for fit and function, (arsenal 2 stage if memory serves me well) the thing was so hard i had to have carbide tiped masonry bits to drill out two holes, 1 for a spring 1 for a trigger pin. mim can be hard as a rock. To distill the previous points made further id like to add its not about the name, or the price with a 1911 to me its about having a 1911 that you can love. pt1911 is an excelent gun for its price. Only the ria tactical hangs with it, and with less features at that. you want a better gun you definately have to pay more, but if its 400$ more will it be 400$ better? Will you love your taurus as much? if so then its for you. If not then save your money up.
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