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Originally Posted by zombietactics
It might be splitting hairs, but there is a difference between "flight" and "not remaining on scene".

Flight generally means an attempt to avoid capture, or avoid association with an event.

It's pretty difficult to use "not remaining on scene" as evidence of guilt when you've called the police to report the incident, identified yourself and indicated that you'll be waiting for officers to arrive, having taken refuge at a diner two blocks away.
That is very true. And there's a difference between what you just described and:
Originally Posted by Sarge
..make like roadrunner and get the hell outta there...
If it's someone's intent to give meaningful advice about removing himself to a place of comparative safety and reporting the incident from there, as you have done, he really should be clear and complete, as you have been. Just suggesting that one "take a powder" is too easily misunderstood and leaves too much important information out.
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