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I have both. The 45 has the two cylinders 45 LC and 45 ACP it’s the LONG barreled. I don’t have a ruler and I have had it so long I forget but I think its 10 ½ inch.
The 44 sp is a 5 inch. I would take the shorter barrel any day over the longer if it’s a target gun. The balance is much better. I am a 44 special fan so I will always pick the 44 over the 45 but, if you reload and or hunt get the 45LC. You can get factory rounds that are Ruger only that are very impressive. And if you hunt then get the longer barrel.
And last, if you get the 45, get the one with the second cylinder. It makes it much cheaper to shoot since a bargain 45 ACP is much cheaper than 45 LC.
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