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Depends on what I'm hunting, so I will relate them both.

Up until this year, me and about four or five of my fraternirty brothers would go to my cabin the first weekend of rifle deer season that did not interfere with a home football game. Getting there friday about mid day, we would quickly check blinds and then come back to the cabin for dinner. Generally, we would light a big fire and grill steaks and then proceed to sit around said fire and eat said steak late into the night. Favorite thing about hunting were those friday night pre-camp fires.

In regards to duck hunting, my favorite thing is coming back into the house, dumping my waders in the mud room, putting on dry socks, and sitting at th kitchen table with my two hunting buddies discussing how we could mad what shots or called a little different as my sister makes "bacon 'n biscuits". Then taking a shower and falling asleep on the couch while watching football.
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