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Frog, thanks for the input...I'm pretty familiar with the Henry itself, (being a former CW reenactor as my name suggests) and it's pudgy weight issue They are pretty hefty, but the cool factor far out weighs that for me. (pun intended) That and I'm a 6'3 200lb Cement finisher, and other than lugging it about a mile into the woods during deer season, it will mostly be blasting pop cans (and whatever else in range) on the back of mom and dads property line.

I have other lever guns (Marlins) and the external follower and no loading gate on the Henry was what I think are the top two things that give it that cool factor. I do love the '73s, and plan on adding one to the safe sometime in the not so near future, but I don't really care for the '66 at all.
And I relies that while the 45 colt is not the historically accurate round, my unending love of that cartridge and the mountain of brass I have is what drives me to it.

Does the one your friend bought have a lever lock? I will admit I don't know why all the steel frames I've seen don't have them and the brass ones do?


Thank you as well, I am very much a noob at reloading But plan on building a new workshop this spring for a reloading space. Right now I have a Buddy that reloads all my brass for me to my specs. That is another reason I was thinking .45 colt, easy to learn on as you said, cases can be reloaded MANY times...and I have a TON of once fired 45 colt brass.

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