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It appears that you are building a bug out bag.

A lot of good suggestions. I will add some of my thoughts which I did not see included.

1) Feminine UNSENTED sanitary pads. They are inexpensive and great for dressing large wounds and stopping bleeding.
2) Unsented foamy shaving creme. This is an outstanding covering for major burns. We used it successful on a patient who suffered major burns in a propellant fire. It seals out air, cools and is easily removed at the E room.
3) Iodine crystals. can be used to make iodine for treating wounds and water purification.
4) a space blanket for treating shock.
5) a good stout knife. Having looked at/used a lot of knives I still think the AF survival knife is about the best available.
6) Take a first responder course.

You might want to take a look at Ranger Joes selection of first aid kits. Following is a large kit which would meet your needs.
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