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Resizing - FL, Partial, or Neck - early returns

When I started reloading some 30 odd years ago, I full length sized everything. Later, based on what I had read, I went to Partial Resizing. Later on I went to neck sizing. Due to some discussions on this forum and some info from competition shooters, I found myself wondering if maybe Neck Sizing wasn't the absolute best way to go. So...about a month ago I decided to play with some reloads and see what case sizing method worked best for my 223 (1 in 9 twist). I had a pound of Varget and I bought some 69 gr Sierra HPBT Match bullets. I had no reloading history with that bullet, so I started working up loads. Using neck sized cases, I found a load that worked pretty good, though not as good as I had hoped or expected (a bit smaller than an inch). I tried a few minor powder charge tweaks, but that didn't improve things much. Today's objective was just to find a good load that I could use as base data to compare other sizing methods to. I now had something usable, and I hadn't killed the whole day. Hmmm...I have time to try a few different things, so I partial resized the same cases and shot slightly better groups. Then I FL sized those same cases and shot much better groups. I didn't do any measuring of groups, but most definitely the FL sized cases shot better. I really wasn't expecting that. This is just some early data, and probably doesn't really count as data. On Sunday I'll get serious. I plan to shoot a bunch of ammo that is FL sized, Partial Resized, and Neck sized (same cases) and then when I have the results as to which method shot better, I'll then use that method on random headstamp cases that have been trimmed but not otherwise prepped and I'll see how that compares to the prepped cases. It'll take days, but I'm really interested in how this turns out. If I get any useful data that I think you might want to see, I'll put in this same thread.

I should mention that the neck sizing die is a Redding, but is not a bushing type die.
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